Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before...

The best advice I've ever heard for new writers is don't give up. I know...I's dreadfully corny, but if you look, it has a double meaning. The first is obvious: don't give up on trying to get published! A great writer once told me that writing for the closet is like playing by yourself. Sure its fun, but really, what's the point??

Ok, you're what's the point of this, Cyn?? Easy. Don't give up your writing time; even for holidays. Sure, sure-you may not be as addicted to your keyboard as I am. But its awfully tempting to stop writing all together when you fall out of the habit of doing it every day. You promise yourself you'll get back in the swing of things. And six months later your glorious novel is still sitting at twenty thousand words. It's a tragedy, people....tragedy!

Writing shouldn't be thrown in the back of your closet like those exercise machines that you get and forget about. It's a gift....a real one! Its amazing how good you feel when you get it off your chest!

Yes, today is Christmas Eve and there's a thousand things I need to be doing. But here I am, wishing you all a happy holiday! Scattering my brain trying to come up with new scenes for my characters, Tommy and Anya, and forcing a time limit on myself to get something on the page. If you're a new writer, or even an experienced one, this is the best thing for you. Read my blog (of course!) but then close it, open up that novel, and write something!

And with images of the dust covered dumb bells laying in my closet dancing through my head, I wish you all a fabulous holiday filled with lots and lots of writing time!



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