Thursday, March 18, 2010

The New Way of Advertising

So I was watching the news (after having to remember how to turn the tv on) and saw a cool story about a guy who started a facebook campaign. Granted, it was the product of a night with his buddies, but he wanted to get SNL to have Betty White host one Saturday night. Over half a million fans later, he got what he wanted: Betty White is hosting an episode of SNL in May.

So what does this tell us about advertising? We all know that the internet has changed the landscape of so many things (Popups, what?). And we writers can definately use it to our advantage. Here's my plan:

I've posted the prologue of Moonstone on our Facebook page. Come, read, and comment. Then share it with your friends and family. Have them join up. With your help, we can create a fanbase to present to the agents that we're approaching and show them that Moonstone is, and will be, a hit!

So come here, sign up, and let us know what you think! =D I promise, I'll love you forever!!



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