Monday, January 18, 2010

Are You Superstitious???

We writers are a funny breed. Like athletes that don't change their sweat socks when they are having a winning season. Or the student who has to wear their lucky purple shirt for every exam they take. In other words, we like our superstitions!

Ha! You laugh, but look at the methods you go through before you start writing. Now granted you may not wear the same pair of socks for twenty years as your success grows, but what do you do? What's your superstition? Or, in more practical terms, your writing routine??

I say this as I reviewed my own methods for coming up with the stories in my head. Nine times out of ten, I sit down and write because my characters simply will not shut up. And believe it or not, I have to get some sleep sometime! But I'm thinking about adding something new to my own routine; in the form of a very cute, very classy fadora that I will now wear everytime I sit down in my writing space.

So here's my "I'm ready to write" checklist when I'm at home:

1) Laptop plugged in? Check. Word processor pulled up? Check.

2) Steaming cup of coffee sitting next to me? Check.

3) Close said word processor to oogle the picture of the actor I think best fits the description of the character who won't shut up in my head? Check. Wait...check that again. (I had to get another look!)

4) (And this is new) Put on cute fadora. Cock it to the side. Adorable? Check.

5) Pull up the word processor back up and start typing? Check!

Now I'm lucky enough to have two favorite writing spaces. My second one is at my beloved co-writer's house, known affectionately as The Loft. Set in the most darling log house,upstairs, this is my writing routine there:

1) Hug said co-writer and pet the pups? Check.

2) Set up laptop? Check.

3)Follow steps 1, 3-5 listed above? Check.

4)Laugh my butt off and have a fabulous time?? Always do!

So there you go. The secret superstitions of a published writer! lol So take a look around, look at your routine, and see if you need to change anything. Because hey, we're a funny breed....

And we love having fun while we're doing this!

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